Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fostering Again

 After too many months without a Black Labbie in our lives, Sofy and I are now sharing our home with two foster boys, one black and one yellow:

Since their arrival last weekend, Sofy has managed to look slightly interested:

But not too interested!  

The brothers will be 10 years old in May and have lived outside in a kennel prior to coming in to LRSE&C.  They are adapting well to life indoors and so far are the perfect guests.  The boys are good indoors, ok being left and have no behavioural problems.  They are good on the lead and have excellent recall.



After so long as outside dogs, I am keen to integrate them into all aspects of indoor life, something Beau is doing well at:

These lovely boys need to go to a retirement home together.  For more information and to complete a pre-adoption questionnaire please go to the LRSE&C website

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Crufts 2017 for LRSE&C

Yesterday Sofy and I were up and out super early to drive up to the NEC in Birmingham as Labrador Rescue South East & Central were invited to be at the Kennel Club's Breed Rescue stand.

Sofy had been before, the first time Wiggle went back in 2010.  

And Wiggle went again, in 2014:

To look her best, Sofy had been to the groomers on Friday for a thorough brush and shampoo so she was looking and smelling fabbie:

Once we were at the stand, Sofy wasted no time in getting to know Orberry and Daisy yellow Labs and Eddie black Lab who would be representing rescue Labrador's:

On duty for greeting the public:

Laying down on the job:

After some time wandering around the different halls and seeing lots of the show dogs, Sofy needed a nap:

She perked up though when she saw that I had found Nellie, the toy relative to Mousey:

We had a lovely day, got to see so many people and chat all about rescue Labrador's and catch up with friends.  Sofy was on her best behaviour and made me very proud as she was a Very Good Girl  (and only barked a little bit).  We also found time to do some shopping so I treated my pretty girl to a new pink collar and lead:

Friday, 3 February 2017

Four Months On

It's been four months now since Wiggle and I said goodbye and I still miss him every single day.  Four months; a third of a year.  It feels like so long since I held him but I can remember like yesterday how his soft fur felt when I stroked him and the velvety softness of his ears.

Mostly now I can focus on the happy memories but other times, I still cry for my special boy and feel the emptiness of life without him.

Often I look back through his blog and see what he was doing, remembering the fun, happy, silly boy who was such a joy to share my life with.  

So to remember Wiggle four months on, here's a look back on this day in previous years:

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Happy 7th Gotcha Day Sofy!

Seven years ago today Sofy came into my life.  She was a foster dog needing assessment and everything was quite different then as of course I had Wiggle and Sir H.

And now, 7 years later, Sofy is an only dog but she's happy and has her toys and loves me and her food and her cuddles.  I still miss Wiggle every single day but having Sofy helps so much, I'm so very grateful for her silly ways and that she has helped me through tough times.

I love you my gorgeous, silly, cuddly Miss Sofy xx

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas memories

The first Christmas without Wiggle is hard, we miss him so much.  I am glad I have his blog to look back through and remember the fun we had and how much Wiggle enjoyed all his gifts.  We had Christmas at home, away, with snow but most importantly, lots of special memories.

One of my favourite memories was when Wiggle became fascinated with one of the Christmas tree decorations, a little knitted elf:

Wiggle loved that little knitted elf so much that when my back was turned, he took it down from the tree!

So this year, instead of a star or angel on our Christmas tree, we have the little elf, at the top of the tree next to Wiggle's photo:

Merry Christmas from Sofy and me xx

Sunday, 27 November 2016


Thoughts of Wiggle are always on my mind and with it having been Thanksgiving this week, I've been thinking more about how lucky I was to have Wiggle in my life for the time I did.  He was super special and maybe that's why it feels so hard to get used to him being gone now, even though it's been nearly two months.

He loved this time of year, with cooler days and plenty of interesting smells to sniff out amongst the fallen leaves.  It's my favourite time of year, especially on bright days.  Sofy likes autumn too:

Seeing Sofy in the leaves reminded me how photogenic Wiggle was at this time of year with the beautiful colours as a perfect backdrop to photograph his handsome good looks:

As much as I try and think of the fun times and adventures we shared, I still find myself wishing I could stroke that beautiful, velvety soft black fur and hug my boy.  I cry, I feel sad and I remind myself it's grief and it will get easier.  But while my head believes that, my heart is still struggling.  

Thankfully Sofy is being a Very Good Girl and is affectionate and cuddly, trying her best to cheer me up by being silly and bashing me with her toys to get me to play.  Week after next we'll have Lilly staying with us so for a few days we'll be back to a two dog home, which will be nice for both of us.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Life as an only dog

Sofy is adjusting to life on her own although I know she must miss Wiggle, just as I do.  A couple of times now when we have been out and seen a Black Lab she has got very excited and pulled me towards them as if she thinks its Wiggle.  

Of course it isn't him and seeing her disappointed and confused expression is hard for me.  But now she gets all of my attention, I think she is happy.  She takes an interest in what I'm doing around the house but isn't clingy, which is good as I still have to work.  I watch her on the camera and she spends most of her day sleeping in the armchair, which is what she has always done.

Yesterday she helped me in the garden although I wasn't sure that sitting on the piles of leaves I had raked was especially helpful, but we keep each other company.  Hopefully one day we will have another Labbie in our lives and I have offered to foster, but for now we will be patient.

Right now Sofy is next to me on the sofa, snoring loudly as she is tired after making the most of a lovely autumn day; cold but sunny, we went up to the Downs.

The leaves were beautiful in the sunshine:

Sofy was nicely colour co-ordinated with her surroundings:

Solo Sofy:

Enjoying the sunshine;